Welcome, ladies and gentlereaders!

If you’ve just come from seeing my books at MoCCA fest, I’m glad your interest was sparked enough to venture over here!  After several years of posting this strip on DrunkDuck.com, I decided it was time it had its own real estate.

Being a new homeowner, so to speak, I have a lot to learn about how to construct, maintain and furnish the house.  So despite my best efforts to be ready in time for the Fest, I’m still in the process of not only uploading the past strips, but also of figuring out how this  site works, and personalizing all the bells and whistles.  Sorry it’s not complete yet, but I hope you’ll come back soon to check out what’s new ’round ‘ere.

Meantime, check out our Facebook page at Facebook.com/Anecdoted.  Feel free to weigh in with pithy wisdom either there or here!  Wisdom is always welcome, wherever it’s found.

Stick around and keep your eyes peeled.  There’s a lot to come, and many new twists afoot!  In the meantime, if you want to check out the strip’s run through 2011 while I’m in the process of moving it onto here, go ahead and click the DrunkDuck link above!